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iso3166-1 - First I'll explain the iso 3166-1.  It's the country code extensions aa to zz. 

Take, for example, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, in Cherokee, NC.  Their website is  They run a government, but they do not have sovereign status within iso 3166-1.  They could apply to take CB, for example, Cherokee Band.  They could use D for dollar, and have CBD as their currency code.  Currencies are sometimes valued in the trillions of dollars.  The United States Dollar, currency code is USD and country code of US.  The Euro is EUR and country code EU.  As you see in this grid above, US is in green.  EU is exceptionally reserved.  So, you can have green or yellow.  To see this grid,  If you look at this chart, rr is available.  This could be for the Roman Republic.  The money being denarius, X.  RRX, for example.  This is a good article about the Swiss Frank -  CHF is the swiss currency symbol, ch for switzerland, or in latin, confoederatio helvetica.  It's organized in a way, roman style, as a province of the roman empire.  But, as 394 AD, the vestal temple fire was extinguished, the provinces have been on their own since, now 1625 years ago.