My Interests

By ypvgk8, 15 May, 2024
Tesseract Program

Hi.  My interests are the Tesseract Program, which started out as a Podcast on Clubhouse in June 2022.  It has evolved into a program to explore alternative propulsion and energy technologies.  I also play guitar, sing, play some piano, and hatch chickens and other birds.  I've done ballroom dancing for a few years and am at the beginner/intermediate level.  I do salsa and bachata.  I like to travel and have a particular interest in England.  l feel that the US Constitution could be rewritten and modernized.  The District of Columbia should be restored to the original 10 square miles, and renamed the Jurisdiction of the United States, as it says on the mile markers originally placed there.  The European Union should build a similar capital city, I propose at the border of Germany and Poland with the center mark on the Polish side of the border, about 60km east of Berlin.  I also play tennis and have taught numerous people how to play tennis.