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Women's Tennis newport

WTA hq. 

ITF hq.

same week as men's tennis after wimbledon at the ithof.

stay in the viking hotel.

Legalshield inquired about the wta form

And for the sponsors of this.  Is financial.  Where does the money come from?  How about the Sestertius?  How to get this going, then there is a lot of money.  As a sport started by Catholic monks, this is the responsibility of the Pope in Rome.  Go through Dublin, makes sense.  As Ireland is Catholic.  Hmm.  But, then tennis moved up into England from France and Italy.  Wimbledon happened for men in 1877.  Spencer Gore of Great Britain won.  In 1884 the ladies started and Maud Watson of Great Britain won.  She won a silver flower basket valued at 20 Guineas.  Gore won 12 guineas and a silver cup.  There were 22 competitors who each paid a guinea each to play. What is a guinea in 1877 & 1884?  The guinea ceased to be produced in 1814.  So, what is a guinea in 1877?  There is the guinea of the 1600's, 1700's, and early 1800's.  And how about the Draken.  This brought in old spirits to here.  It's the port of choice, somewhat.  Fall River maybe even more.  Communication.